Month: June 2016

Something Worthwhile To Do With Your Extra Money

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Most of us put a side a sum we want to give in charity on a regular basis. Though there are many, sometimes finding a deserving charity organization that deserves your donation is not so easy. While it is easier to click on a “donate now” button on some website, getting personally involved with making someone life better is much more rewarding. One such that could be done is to look for an orphanage, home for the specially abled, or even an elders’ nursing home in the developing countries, that deserves some attention. There are many groups and page son social media that actively share information about such places, that you could look up. You can always personally contact a person responsible, to verify the situation. 

Some of these said homes in countries likeSri Lanka, India are in such a pathetic state, that they deserve any sort of contribution that could be made. If you have a set of friends or relatives or colleagues who will join in with you in this venture, that would open up many more doors. Many such homes are deprived even of the basic things that human being needs to survive. Many don’t have proper beds of comfortable mattresses that they could sleep on. Many orphanages with infants have only a few cribs, that too in a very bad state. One of the primary ways that you could help them is to donate money to buy mattresses or other bedding that they might need. Click this link if you are looking for cheap freezer fo sale.
Many such places are unable to afford medicine that its members need. Other medical check-ups and consultations required are unaffordable too. They could use some help in this area too. Many of these places have at least a small kitchen, and most the kitchen lack even the basic amenities. One good thing is that your money could bag in a few discounts, since it goes under the umbrella of charity. You could donate so that they could by discounted fridges, cookers or microwave. 
A discount fridges Melbourne will especially be useful, as they could store up remaining food and make sure their tireless efforts don’t go to waste, and it will also come in handy to store certain medications that are temperature specific. 
Another easy way to donate to these institutions is to pledge to pay a sum for their meals every month. This could be as easy as setting up a standing order, or a payment via your credit card every month. You could also donate books suitable for elders if it is a nursing home, or kids’ and other educational books if it is an orphanage. Homes for the specially-abled too will have specific requirements depending on its occupants, and their conditions.
It is however very important that you are in contact with a reliable and honest person, who has a say in the organization that you are willing to donate for. This task has been simplified for us with the many social networks that are freely available.