3 Easy Steps To Declutter Your Wardrobe

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Wardrobe management is one of toughest jobs for fashionistas. In fact, most people find it tedious and a very confusing job when they have to decide what to keep and what to remove from the closet! Are you embarked on the same isle and looking blank at your wardrobe and still can’t figure out what to keep and what to remove from the huge box- let us help you. We are here to guide you to declutter your closet where you treasure the clothes and valuable accessories that you are enshrining for years. We understand your love for the old dresses but at the same time we are about to share some important tips to help you organise the closet at your best so that you can get some room for the new lines of outfits, shoes and bags you brought.

•    Prepare your mind for the challenge- It is very important to have a proper mindset before starting the job of removing the clothes hanging on the plastic hangers, accessories, shoes, and other important stuff from your wardrobe because these are all your collections that you have brought with so much love and care. Therefore, be headstrong to get some room for the next sets of new dresses and accessories those are still kept on the shopping bags on the corners of the sofa or bed.

•    Remove the non-fitting dresses – There is no meaning to store the non-fitting dresses, suits, and other apparels. If you still confident about your shape, try the apparels for the last time. Take out the ones that are literally making a colony inside the wardrobe and not allowing the latest designs of velvet hangers to replace those. You must keep space for those regular or the party wears that you can actually fit into right now. Be reasonable while removing the tight dresses from the slimline hangers and remember you can already get the exact sizes.

•    Replace nostalgia with reality- Maybe you treasure the dress that you wore on your first date with your first crush long back ago. Maybe you have a few more with various other nostalgias like the suit you stitched after getting the first job, the dress you designed for your daughter’s shower and many more. But if you already fill up the limited space of your wardrobe with all these nostalgic apparels that you hardly could wear now that will be very impractical. We are not forcing you to get rid of the nostalgic dresses, but you can keep them in a separate box and store somewhere else rather packing up the closet.