4 Ways To Match Your Tie Perfectly Every Time

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The biggest challenge a guy has when dressing up is matching the tie in the perfect way. Most guys don’t really have the eye for colour or mixing and matching. A tie is just a tie to them. However, the tie and the way the tie is worn can say a lot about a guy’s personality. A well matched and worn tie boosts the overall appearance of any man. If you are someone who has always struggled with picking ties, here are some pointers that may help you out.

Understand what you are matching it with
Ties that are worn with dinner suits are very different from ones that are usually coupled with work attire. The colours, textures and sizes of the tie will all differ according to the attire you hope to match it with. Therefore, step one would be to finalize on what you are wearing and to get a basic idea of its colours, shapes and material.

Decide on the best colour
This is not rocket science, even though most guys think it to be.  You don’t need to care too much about the different shades of one colour. You just have to make a choice between very distinctive colours. For instances, most latest tradional mens suit that are black would always look better with a plain black tie. Coupling it with some other coloured tie that is of a darker hue would also work. There is no right or wrong colour to wear to work. Just make sure that there isn’t a big contrast between the colours of your shirt and tie.

Decide on the best size
You get the ordinary tie that gets broader as you move down and the strip thin tie that is more famous amongst young people at present. Both these ties look equally good, but certain occasions would encourage one type of tie more. For instance, if it is a wedding or a party, a strip thin tie might make a better impact on your overall appearance. However, if you wear such a tie to an office meeting, you might not be admired in the same way.

Decide on the best material
Just like the colour and size of the tie, its material also matters a lot. You should be careful to match the material of the tie with the materials of your shirt and coat. Wearing a silk tie with a very casual linen shirt would seem totally out of place. At the same time, wearing a plain cotton tie with a good suit might destroy the entire look of the suit.