The Different Types Of Bedspreads

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As you visit any type of bed store or the widely popular bed and bath stores you will be able to see the wide variety of covers available. They are everything that you need to have a comfortable sleep. Out all these sheets and blankets there are different types of bedding toppers that include, quilt, duvet, comforter and bedspread. You should be able to know what the difference between these types are, why one would fit your need over the other, and while sheets and blankets are the mostly used, the bed toppers are mostly for decorative purposes. Read on to find out the basic differences.


Almost all quilts consists of three different layers, called top, batting and bottom. The bottom is basically the whole piece of fabric. Whereas, the batting is the thin layer in the middle that is usually filled up wth down or even wool. The top layer on the other hand is sown as separate pieces to form one solid piece, giving it more complexity. As opposed to traditional quilts, todays ones are made from cotton with a sewing machine and not by hand. That make them extremely light weight, making it perfect to keep you cool during summer and warm during winter.


Duvet also known as doona comes in many forms, either a duck down doona or goose down quilt. These duvets are extremely easy to clean and do not clump up over time like most quilts and comforters. The ability for these duvets to keep you warm or even cool depends on the amount of filling that it has. If you want it to be light weight and cooler during the summer then it’s best to keep it half full rather than having it completely full making it ideal for the winter times to keep you warm.


Similar to a duck down doona or goose down quilt, a comforter is filled with cotton wool or either some sort of synthetic. The warmth you get out of these solely depends on the type and amount of filling that goes into it. It can be made out of cotton or other synthetics, but with the popularity towards it there is a wide range of colors, styles and themes that you can select from.


Unlike the other bedding, bedspreads contain only one layer that usually cover the bed from head to toe, with the inclusion of all the pillows. Most bedspreads come in different colours and prints that you can select from, because these kind of beddings a light they are mainly used during summer.

Your needs for your bed can be different from others therefore make sure to properly research before you invest on a bedding.